How to Stop Prank Callers in Their Tracks

There’s not much more annoying than prank calls. They take up your time, your costly cell phone minutes and can be generally frustrating. Although most prank calls are harmless, there are those small few that can be the work of a dangerous person. It can be a helpless feeling to be the victim of a prank caller.

Unless the prank caller goes to the next level and tries something other than calling you, local law enforcement usually cannot do much about it. There are, however, a few things you can do to sieze control and scare a prank caller into leaving you or your family alone!

If you have the phone number that the prank caller is calling you from, you can do a reverse search (also known as a trace) of the phone number. This will give you the name, address and other information related to the phone number. Even if the number is an unlisted phone number, you can find the owner’s information using powerful unlisted phone number search technology.

After you have the name of the phone’s owner, you could run a criminal records search and see if he or she has been convicted or charged with a crime in the past. A good place to learn about conducting your own criminal records search is

After your investigation, if you find the person has a criminal background, you may be able to get more help from your local police. If they do not help, you could seek the assistance of a private eye.

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